Reserway offer solutions to every conceivable work flow requirements in the Travel/Tour and Holiday businesses of any scale and nature. IT solutions are critical element in any travel enterprise's transformation strategy. Our range of solutions can help you to optimise processes and increase productivity to handle more businesses. Reserway's Travel governance solutions eases the transition to futuristic platforms by providing a means to reduce risk, maintain business alignment, and show the business value to the management and ultimately guide the organisation to measurable success. Best of the management principles and business wisdom are followed meticulously while conceiving our solutions.

Reserway solutions include:

  • Reservation Systems (integrated web reservation)

  • Automated Fare Management Tool

  • Customer credit and service management system

  • MIR parsing and integration

  • E-ticket customisation and real time generator

  • Back Office system to manage air, car, hotel, cruise & travel activity contracts

  • GDS, 3rd party and direct supplier connectivity for travel inventory

  • Systems Integration to in-house and 3rd party systems

  • Inventory Distribution via XML / Web services

  • Automated Tour Itinerary Tools

  • Hotel inventory public GDS system

  • Integrated secured web hosting solutions

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